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AVEO Concierge Bayside Retirement Living

Internal Refurbishment Project

ProjectPlus Transformed AVEO Bayside: Elevated Retirement Living Spaces

Having embarked on a journey to redefine the living experience at AVEO Bayside, ProjectPlus, the eminent commercial refurbishment company, proudly presented a comprehensive internal refurbishment project. Tailored exclusively for AVEO Bayside, this venture promised to breathe new life into the retirement community through meticulous attention to detail and top-notch craftsmanship.

Scope of Works: Demolition and Alterations

The journey began with a transformative demolition phase, as we bid farewell to the existing carpet, floor tiles, and entry mat. Drawing inspiration from Drawing A-110, A-111, A-120, and A-121 (Rev T1), ProjectPlus seamlessly removed and disposed of outdated elements, setting the stage for a fresh and contemporary ambiance.

Painting Excellence

Immerse yourself in a palette of sophistication with our exquisite painting works. A harmonious blend of P01 Envir 2 'Breathe Easy' Interior low sheen acrylic paint, Aqua enamel semi-gloss, and Professional ultra-flat textures graced the ceilings, walls, timber work, and various architectural elements, ensuring a timeless and refined aesthetic.

Wall Finishes: Vinyl Wallpaper Elegance

Witness the columns undergoing a stunning transformation as recessed grooves were skimmed and Baresque P3tec Simplicity vinyl wallpaper was installed. This innovative touch added a layer of elegance, making each space a visual delight.

Floor Finishes: A Symphony of Tiles and Carpets

The floor became a canvas for our creativity, with meticulously chosen Metz Tile Miscela Colour Beige Ceramic Tiles and Shaw Contract Group Carpets in various shades. Classic Tredfx Aluminium Stair Nosings added a touch of sophistication to the steps, completing the masterpiece.

Electrifying Illumination

Spaces were illuminated with our curated lighting solutions. LF01 Baristo, LF02 Sage, and LF03 Wave SE graced the interiors, creating an atmosphere of warmth and tranquility.

Fitment, Fixtures, and Equipment

Our attention to detail extended to every corner, including the first floor's timber floorboards, artwork replacements, and meticulous make-good services where required. Your space was our canvas, and we ensured every detail aligned with perfection.

Window Coverings: A Touch of Elegance

Natural light and privacy were enhanced with our window covering solutions. AVEO Bayside's common area windows received a tailored treatment, transforming each view into a work of art.

Preliminaries, Overhead, and Margin: A Seamless Journey

Ensuring a smooth journey, ProjectPlus committed a dedicated Project Manager to oversee the entire process. From skip bins for efficient rubbish removal to site-specific Safety and Quality Management Plans, we left no stone unturned to guarantee a seamless execution.

Exclusions: Focused Expertise

While we strived for excellence, certain exclusions were noted, such as re-tuning musical equipment, painting internal doors, fire system upgrades, mechanical works, and Parque flooring modifications.

Join us in witnessing the transformation of AVEO Bayside into a haven of style and comfort. With ProjectPlus at the helm, the journey promised not just a refurbishment but a renaissance of retirement living.

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