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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Commercial Painting Questions Answered

What Do Commercial Painters Do?

Painters and Industrial Painters must first prepare the surface for the application of the finishes. Wash, scrape, wire brush or sand the surface and remove the old paint with chemicals, electric scrapers, sandblasters or blow torches in some circumstances. The applicator's role is to sand any irregularities, patch cracks and holes and clean up any excess dirt and grease. 

The industrial painters job is to remove prior coatings, prepare substrates and surfaces for application of coatings and apply such coatings on industrial structures as needed. Industrial painters must have interprovincial trade qualification seal or a provincial trade qualification certificate as well as any applicable apprenticeship credentials

How Long Does Commercial Painting Take?

When thousands of dollars are invested in a project, it's reasonable to wonder how long it will take to paint it, but there are a number of elements to consider, including the type of surface to be painted, access issues and paint quality. Any project should be power cleaned before being painted. To prepare for the application of paint, caulking, scraping, sanding and prepping and mending of fascia boards should be done. It takes time to do all of this.

The paintwork will take longer if the painting contractor take additional time to scrape, sand, fill, prime and fix as needed. Some minor jobs will take only a month to complete, but very major remedial works can take months to complete. 

How Much Do Commercial Painters Charge?

What does it cost to hire a commercial painter? If you own a commercial property, paint is a cost-effective approach to update the look of your establishment. It's simple, yet it's effective. The majority of commercial properties are quite huge. This means that painting it on your own will be impossible. 

That is why you should seek the help of a competent commercial painting business. The cost of painting a business building is determined by a number of factors. Its size, labour expenses, material cost, and other factors are all considered. 


What Can Commercial Painters Do For Me?

When it comes to interior work, commercial painters have the knowledge and aptitude to stay up to date with developments in safety features. Commercial painters use the right tools and information to bring all of the necessary equipment to a job site, so if someone is hurt on the job or your building is damaged, the medical bills and repairs will be covered. 

Many building owners value this feature since it relieves them of accountability throughout the renovation. 

What is a Commercial Painter?

Established commercial painting contractors will have a wealth of experience and long-standing contacts with a variety of vendors. You'll get the best outcome for the best price this way. They'll be able to provide in-depth discussions on specific products and services while taking into account your facility's architectural style, surroundings, and usage. They'll also deliver a higher-quality, longer-lasting finished product. 

Why Should I Employ a Commercial Painting Company?

A commercial painter, as opposed to a residential painter, has more expertise working with business clients. They usually work for a contractor and are in charge of painting vast expanses of buildings as well as working with various surfaces and materials. 

A commercial painter's primary responsibilities are similar to those of a residential painter but on a larger scale. You'll largely be sandblasting, applying paint and adding detail to huge surfaces, but you might also be requested to do epoxy floor coating and power washing. A commercial painter must be able to fulfil a client's time-sensitive needs by working outside of office hours, in addition to painting skills. 

When is The Best Time to Have Commercial Painting Works Carried Out?

You should try to schedule a period when the weather is nice and dry. It's also a good idea to check the weather forecast for the days leading up to and following your painting days. 

If it rains before you paint, your substrate may need to dry for a few days before you can paint. The same is true after the application: you want to be sure it wont rain the next day while your paint is curing. Spring and summer will be the warmest months but do often bring more rainfall. Winter, Autumn will be cooler but with less rain. 

Will a Commercial Painting Project be Guaranteed?

As with all ProjectPlus commercial painting works, we give a guarantee to all our clients on the painting carried out. This guarantee will vary in the scope of the work carried out. If we are starting a repainting job from scratch with full repaint guidelines and procedures, your warranty will be longer. If we were to just patch up for cost reasons this warranty would not be the same time period. 

Can I Receive a Quote For my Commercial Painting Needs?

ProjectPlus carries out full and detailed quotes for all of its future projects large or small. No job is ever carried out without clients knowing fully their costs in the works to be carried out. Commercial painting costs are important to know when employing a painting company.

Are All Commercial Painters Tradesmen Qualified?

Our team of painting professionals are all fully qualified tradesmen and tradeswomen. You should not take the risk of employing any company that does not have fully qualified people in their profession. 

What are The Positive Effects Professional Painters in Sydney Can Have on Businesses?

Professional painters can have a positive effect on business by increasing the quality of work, adding endurance to painted surfaces, increasing appeal and reducing overall costs. Quality is perhaps the most important benefit of hiring professional painters. Poorly done paint jobs can be an eyesore and can actually decrease the value of a property. Professional tradesman have the skills and experience necessary to produce high-quality results that will last for years. 

Where are The Tradesmen who Specialise in Commercial Painting Work Throughout Sydney?

Commercial Painting in Sydney.

If you're looking for a general contractor, here's some advice on finding one.

1) Start by asking your friends and family if they know someone reliable or check online reviews - both options will give you different perspectives but can help point out potential issues with different contractors. 2) Check whether the company offers painting services. 3) Get an estimate before agreeing to any work done. 4) Make sure all materials are provided upfront and ask about insurance coverage, make sure there are no hidden costs involved. 5) Check how long the project takes. 6) Think about who does the work. 7) Consider hiring more than one tradesman. 8) get everything in writing 

Are You Looking For Assistance with External Over-Painting?

Commercial Painting Specialists in Sydney, Australia. We offer painting services for businesses of all sizes and types. Call us today on (02) 8666 0632 to find out more!

What Makes a High-End Painter Different From Other Painting Companies?

A high-end painter will offer a much more personalised touch than other companies. They are able to make sure that each customer's needs are met, whether it be for an extensive renovation or paintwork fix. The best part is that they can do this without sacrificing quality!

What do You Need to Know About Choosing The Right Paint For Your Property?

Our commercial painting services can help you choose the perfect colours that work for both your budget and aesthetic preferences. We have a wide range of paints available in both latex and oil-based formulas so we can accomodate any needs you may have - from bright exterior colours all the way through dark cellar tones. Our expert staff members are here to answer any questions or concerns that may come up during this process, please don't hesitate to contact us today!

How Can You Be Sure That Your Contractor is Using Quality Paint?

ProjectPlus will offer a warranty with most of their work to show how serious they are about providing an excellent product or service at an affordable price. Get estimates in writing before committing. Make sure you know who will be doing each task. Whether its removal of old wallpaper, carpeting, installation.

Is There Such a Things as 'Too Much' Prep Work For a Painting Job?

It really depends on the job. If you're painting a large commercial building, for example then you'll likely need to do a lot of prep work to make sure the surface is ready for paint. This might include sanding, priming and caulking. 

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